The history of fencing takes back to Ancient Egypt and Rome. Evidence from Anicent Egypt is a carving of fencing from 1200 B.C. The carving showed a sport fencing bout with masks, protective weapon tips, and judges.  There are three swords for fencing. They are called Foil, Epee, and Sabre. Both sex can do any type of sword. In Foil, You can only hit the torso of your opponet and you have to have right away to get a point or touch. In Epee, You can hit any part of the opponet’s body and get a point or a touch. However, if both you and your opponet get a point at the sametime, both of you get the same point. That is only for Epee. In Sabre, you can get a point or a touch on the helment or the upper body. You can slash your sword at your opponet in Sabre only. Fencing still goes on today. It is a competitive sport to play. It takes alot of hard work and strategies to win.

Men's Foil

Men's Sabre

Women's Epee